Published on 11/17/2020

Being well prepared ... is the first step to a successful business

 Because of the belief of the intermediate section administration in Al-ekhaa Private Schools, in the importance of good preparation for teachers . And their higher qualification in all contemporary educational fields, which keep pace with the latest educational theories (modern strategies for active learning - modes of distance learning - tools and necessary experiences in the field of computers ...) in a way that brings the best results for our students, and guarantees educational outcomes qualified to enter all scientific fields in the future.

The administration was keen to follow up its teachers, and to support them continuously in courses that help them to do so. It is one of the most recent courses that are being prepared under the supervision of the Private Education Office

(The Inverted Classroom - Microsoft Teams) which will be attended on behalf of the department's teachers, the two teachers (Amr Khoudary - Ayman Abdel Aal) in the period between 02/04/1442 AH to 04/04/1442 AH

And in turn, they transfer these experiences and skills to the rest of the teachers in coordination with the school administration.

 All the best for our teachers, who are the pillar and foundation of the educational process.