2/16/2020 7:00 AM

Al-Ekhaa Schools for Girls celebrates the Golden Jubilee

Date : 2/16/2020 7:00 AM

Time : 2/16/2020 2:00 PM

Location : AL Ekhaa Private School - Girls Section

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Al-Ekhaa Schools for Girls  celebrates the Golden Jubilee

In the presence of the assistant of CEO of AlEkhaa Schools for Girls, the honorable Dr. Mai Al-Rimawi,Al Ekhaa school celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the beginning of the celebration, the school's leader, Mrs.Hanadi Al-Hamrani, welcomed the attendees from AlEkhaa Schools graduates, including doctors, university academics, educators, and other advanced positions in various fields.

The female graduates gave speeches expressing their pride of AlEkhaa school , the extent of their belonging to it, and their desire for their daughters - students of AlEkhaa  - to have the same distinguished educational experience that they obtained in the School

Some of the words of the School graduate:

"AlEkhaa is my school where  memories were beautiful and touching,

I learned a lot and abundantly. My teacher Ms.Etidal AlRimawi was like my mother, plump, jostle and scold. She was a very caring Lady , and every time a smile rises on her face.

In AlEkhaa , I learned good behavior, respect, courage and responsibility

I felt that AlEkhaa  is the home of brotherhood and considered to be our second home.

Since the year 1410 AH, I have considered myself a daughter of AlEkhaa and the source of loyalty and beautiful memories forever.

Today my daughter and sons are part of  AlEkhaa  and I am proud of that

 You are a treasure, pride, and great hope for future children

Your daughter Shorouq Radin

At the end of the celebration, female graduates, students and all employees of Al-Ikha Schools were honored.​

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