Published on 10/21/2020

A Star  of AlEkhaa 2018-2019

Name / Sidra Faisal Al Yamani

8th Grade –International Section

Sidra was born in Jeddah,a daughter of director Faisal Yamani.

She is a talented Saudi girl known for her ethics and excellence throughout the academic years. She participated in many competitions and attended a talent training last summer and trained on programing robots..

Since the beginning of this year, AlEkhaa  School has assigned Ms. Dalia Al-Shafi'I, science teacher in the international section, to take care of those talented students .

The students were asked to prepare projects for the annual science fair in the school .Sidra chose robotic projects.

By asking the student who helped her in the installation of the robot, she proudly replied that she was the one who did the installation, in addition to her parents' support..

For her aspirations and future hopes Sidra wished to become a legal investigator by which Saudi women will enter a new era .