Published on 11/29/2020

Discipline of AlEkhaa Students

School discipline is one of the tools that help the school in having an organized educational process. It sets laws for the sake of which the school promotes behaviorally and morally. The rise of the school is followed by the rise of students' thinking and behavior. In addition , the family has a great impact on the application of school discipline, while absence is one of the negative aspects that affect the student . There are many aspects, and perhaps the most important of them is: the loss of much of the scientific material taught to them throughout the year, and this results in a deficiency in the scientific material, which affects their success and excellence at the end of the year.

From this point of view, Al-Akhaa Private Schools in the Girls' Department would like to thank and appreciate the students of AlEkhaa who persevered in attending virtual classes remotely in the national and international departments, and thanks to the families of the students for their efforts, which appear on the scientific and cultural level of our dear students, with our wishes for them continued success