The dream was fulfilled, it is a dream that the great founder had come across Hassan Alrimawi. The dream was fulfilled by establishing the great building. the dream fulfilled and Ekhaa school came true started with the a small number of students, thanks to God Almighty, this class began, and, beginning, this number began to increase. Through honesty, sincerity and hard work .  Graduates of this giant edifice after 5 decades of work have passed the highest degrees and are spread in all countries and we are involved in the field of work in all specialties in the field of health And engineering fields, and here are PhD holders spread across universities and are proud that they graduated from the Ekhaa schools, and our happiness is indescribable when we hear about them and above their names stuck in the minds.    

The march continues and continues, and this edifice remains always tender, to see success followed by success, as Ekhaa is always at the forefront of schools in achieving first places in scientific and religious competitions and other diverse activities such as art exhibitions.    

In past, now and future Ekhaa Keeping pace with teaching with modern methods, and the latest training in education and training generations after generations.